Corporate Journalism

Corporate Journalism

What is corporate journalism and why is it important?

There will always be a need for traditional forms of media and a need to approach reporters and assignment editors the right way. KTML has been helping clients do this for quite some time. However, the power of digital media now allows companies to communicate directly with their target audience. In some cases audience means clients and in some cases it can mean media. “Corporate journalism” is applying journalism skills such as writing, editing, researching, interviewing and objectivity to marketing communications.


There are many ways a company can do this, but often organizations have difficulty getting started – they don’t know how to develop news-like operations within a corporation. A news program or media division that includes social media, blogs, videos, YouTube etc.) is often the job of a seasoned journalist. Many companies; small, medium and large hire professional journalists away from news organizations to handle their “corporate journalism” needs, but not all companies can do this. For this reason, KTML offers consulting services in “corporate journalism”. We teach your staff how to develop story ideas and how to tell stories about your products and services so that customers, traditional journalists and bloggers pick up on them.


So many traditional journalists now pull ideas from blogs and other social media platforms. If your story is interesting enough they just might write about it in their newspaper or magazine; they just might talk about it on their television broadcast.

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